It is an immense pleasure for us to share the happiness of our achievements. We have achieved something in each and every student. Some of them for your information are below.

  • Out of 5 students integrated to normal school, 2 children have completed their 10th public examination successfully, one K. Balaji and another one A. Thilagavathy.
    • Thilagavathy got 372/500 and
    • Balaji obtained 334/500.
  • Jailani, a 17 years old boy with mild retardation, who could not pass the SSLC Examination for two consecutive years, was admitted in our school for special coaching. With the hard work and teaching strategies of our teachers he passed in the following year. At present he is admitted in Govt. ITI College Vellore.
  • We have provided special education for 5 moderately retarded students and have integrated them in normal schools in various classes. We are sponsoring for the fees, uniforms and text books for some of these deserving students. We get positive feed backs from the school and parents.
  • The school has been instrumental in getting the Identity cards for students from the Rehabilitation Department which is a required document for these students to avail other benefits.
  • The school has arranged for free bus passes for the students and their escorts, Maintenance Grant from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and wheel chairs from the Rehabilitation Department for students with mobility problems.