Founder Details

Catherine-InbarajanAs the founder Secretary of the school for the children with Cerebral palsied and Mental Retardation,  I take the privilege to introduce myself, the school and the activities of the school.

My son aged 25 years is a mental retarded child. I got the inspiration to serve such children to the differently abled, particularly in a community where the service to these children has been ignored. At present 36 children are coming from near by villages of Timiri, Pudupadi, Vepoor, Visharam and Ranipet which are about 8-10 kms. from Arcot.

Having completed M.A., (Sociology), I underwent a special training programme conducted by Balavihar,  Chennai and got the certificate in special Education issued by the Rehabilitation council of India New Delhi (RCI).

Mrs. Catherine Inbarajan founder of Best New Life Shelter Mother of Mentally Challenged Children.

Special Qualification

Education Qualification – M.A (Sociology)
Women Achievement Award – 2002 By Ladies Circle India
Best social worker Award by Rotary Club Ranipet
Member in child welfare committee Juvenile Home , Ranipet for 7 year (2004 – 2011)